Handbook of Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities


Dear Parents and Students,


We are proud to offer an extensive extra- and co-curricular program at Eastchester Middle School. This program plays a key role in the overall social/emotional developmental and educational program at EMS. This handbook is provided as a guide to the many opportunities presented to our students for activities outside the classroom.


In this handbook, you will find descriptions of our many clubs and activities. As mentioned in our school’s vision, “we want our students to take risks, become well-rounded, and explore new opportunities.”  It is our desire to provide a setting that allows for such exploration and establishes a framework in which students learn to make good choices based on personal knowledge and experience. The program described herein is indicative of our commitment to that goal. Students are welcomed and encouraged to seek out the many different experiences that are provided by our varied and diverse activities.


Thank you for taking the time to explore our co-curricular program. Please encourage your children to take full advantage of the many opportunities afforded them at EMS. We look forward to their continued growth and achievement.





Madelin LoBue

Assistant Principal

Eastchester Middle School is committed to providing a rigorous academic program within a safe, supportive, and understanding learning community..”

2018-2019 Club Activities



Dates and Location

Art Club

Ms. Simeone

Thursdays - 2:40 in Room 102

(Students need to wait in the cafeteria from 2:30-2:40)

Book Club

Mrs. Schuster

Grade 6 –Tues. Period 7      Room S100 Grade 7 – Wed. Period 5     Room S100

Grade 8 – Thurs Period 6    Room S100

Boston Club

Ms. DeMarco

Wednesdays – Room 231

Chess Club

Mr. Spicehandler

Thursdays – Room 211

Computer Programming

Grades 7-8

Mrs. Schuster

Wednesdays – Room 201



Grades 6-8

Mrs. Schuster

Mondays– Room S100


Debate Club

Mr. Burmester

Fridays – Room 163

History Club

Mr. Burmester

Tuesdays - Room 163

International Club

Mrs. Astarita, Mrs. Logan & Mrs. Shay

Tuesdays - Schedule posted outside     Room 265


Mr. Carabotta, Mr. McGee & Mr. Waters

Varies by season, announcements will be made.

I Wanna Rock (IWR) Club

Mrs. Smith

Wednesdays – Chorus Room 111

Jazz Band

Mr. Dodge

Thursdays – Band Room (Audition only)

Begins in February

Jazz Co./Dance Club

(Second Semester)

Ms. Leone, Director

Ms. Dippolito

Ms. Kearns

Ms. Martucci

Ms. Monteiro

6th Grade Girls – Thurs & Fri

7th Grade Girls – Wednesdays

8th Grade Girls – Mon & Tues

6, 7, 8th Grade Boys – Mondays

Various Locations

Players Club

Mr. Fletcher

Listen for Announcements


Ms. Virtuoso

Fridays (2x monthly) Room 232

SPARC (After-School SPIRIT)

Various Staff

Tuesdays by registration

Begins 10/9

Science Club

Mrs. Nuffer, Ms. Wilson

Thursdays from 2:40-3:30 in room 203

School Newspaper

Ms. Mejia

Wednesdays – Room 201

Student Council

Mr. Chertok

Ms. Logan

Mondays – Room 263

Student Leadership

Mr. Chertok

Ms. Logan

Please listen for announcements

 Room 263

Technology Club

Mr. Boissonnault

Alternate Thursdays – Room 127

Listen for Announcements

Washington Club

Mr. Boissonnault

Tuesdays – Room 127


Mrs. Lalli

Mrs. Shay

Wednesdays - Schedule posted outside     Room 265


Art Club – Ms. Simeone

The Art Club welcomes students who enjoy creating works of art in a relaxed atmosphere.

Club members work individually on projects and also in groups. The yearly focus is determined by the interests of the club members. Students from all grades are encouraged to join.

Boston Club – Ms. DeMarco

The Boston Club is a fun and exciting way for 7th grade students to get involved in the planning of their end of the year overnight trip. This club meets 1-3 times per week (depending on which portion of the club you opt to get involved in) and the following are a list of responsibilities that members may have:

  • Originate ideas for games and activities for the bus trip

  • Help design, order and package Boston sportswear

  • Act as a liaison between teachers and staff

  • Assist teachers with the preparation of Boston correspondence

  • Raise spirits within the grade through updates, posters and possible fundraisers

  • Assist with Boston departure by preparing bus signs, coming up with bus names, assisting with seating charts and sorting/preparing sportswear bags       

  • Take pictures during the trip and set up the school bulletin board upon return

  • Handle miscellaneous tasks that may arise during the course of planning and/or the trip

Chess Club – Mr. Spicehandler

The E.M.S. Chess Club provides a comfortable place for students to learn and play chess. Students can choose to play competitively, or just for fun. Several optional tournaments are held each year.

Computer Programming Clubs – Mrs. Schuster

The purpose of both clubs is for students to learn how to write code. The emphasis is on creating and sharing, not playing commercial games.

Scratch Club Grades 6-8

The EMS Computer Programming Club will provide the opportunity for students to learn or increase their understanding of Scratch, a coding program developed by the Media Lab at MIT. With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. “It helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.” Please see their website for more information. http://scratch.mit.edu/about/. There will also be the opportunity to explore other computer languages according to student interest.

Computer Programming Advanced Grades 7-8

limit 15 students

This is a more specialized club for students who want to concentrate on increasing their skill levels in various computer languages or learning about computer hardware. Students will have the opportunity to build a computer through a generous grant from the Eastchester School Foundation.

Debate Club – Mr. Burmester

The Middle School Speech and Debate Club provide students the opportunity to practice public speaking skills by participating in good-natured debates. Topics of the debates range from issues that students are concerned about here at EMS to more serious issues such as gun control and the death penalty. Emphasis is placed on developing techniques that enable students to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others. Debates are held approximately every three weeks. The two weeks leading up to each debate are used for research and preparation.

History Club – Mr. Burmester

The History Club meets every Tuesday. We enjoy movies based on historical events, and use play acting and skits to showcase various people and events. The History Club also has guest speakers who speak to us on a variety of subjects. We have had police officers and fire fighters who were present at 9/11, as well as veterans who have served our country. We also learn the history of Eastchester, and often have the town Historian come and visit.

International Club – Mrs. Astarita, Mrs. Logan & Mrs. Shay

International Club is designed to increase cultural awareness and foster intercultural friendships throughout the school community. Members learn about new cultures while sharing traditions of their own. Club meetings include participating in cultural activities, tasting ethnic foods, celebrating holidays and organizing and participating in the EMS International Night. All students are welcome!

Intramurals – Mr. Carabotta, Mr. McGee & Mr. Waters

EMS Intramurals are an opportunity for students to participate in a variety of athletic activities with other EMS students. Activities vary by season.

I Wanna Rock Club - Mrs. Smith

The IWR is a rock group allowing students to showcase their talents who play instruments not included in the school performance groups-electric guitar, electric keyboard, harmonica, drums….. But wait-even if you sing, play saxophone, trumpet, violin, or any other instrument and just like to “rock out,” you can be part of the EMS rock band, too! If you can hear us, you’ll find us in the chorus room on Wednesdays at 3 pm-come join us for a jam! And join us forever!

Jazz Band – Mr. Dodge

Middle School Jazz Band meets every Tuesday after school and is open to students in grades 6-8 by audition only. It is a performance-based group exploring many different types of jazz music, culminating in two concert performances during the year.

Jazz Co./Dance Club – Ms. Leone, Ms. Dippolito, Ms. Kearns, Ms. Martucci & Ms. Monteiro

Jazz Co. is designed to encourage students to develop their abilities in dance. Students will sign up at the end of February and weekly workshops begin in March in preparation for the May show. The dance styles are mainly hip-hop and jazz.

Players Club – Mr. Fletcher

The Middle School Players Club is designed to help students grow as performers and to learn the skills necessary to mount a production of a play. Auditions will be held in October and students who are cast will meet regularly throughout the fall and winter leading to opening night at the end of January. The stage is waiting for you! All it takes to make it in theater is for you to be yourself. Looking forward to seeing you there!

SAVE Club – Ms. Virtuoso

SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Promise Clubs are a place for young people across the country to show their leadership, creativity and passion for protecting their friends, school and communities from violence BEFORE it happens. Through ongoing activities and reminders, students create a culture of looking out for one another, being upstanders and preventing violence before it happens --- creating safer classrooms, schools and communities now and in the future.

Science Club – Mrs. Nuffer & Mrs. Wilson

"Science is Fun!  Science is Cool!”

The Science Club will meet Thursday afternoon from 2:40-3:30 in room 203.

As a member of this club you will further explore Science. Science Club is open to all students in grades 6th-8th. Everyone with an interest in Science is invited. This time will be devoted to:

  • Science Demonstrations 
  • Hands on Experiments
  • Discussion about Science Current Events
  • Discussions on Science Interests.
School Newspaper – Ms. Mejia

Our school newspaper provides information on many topics in a variety of ways. News stories will tell us what's happening on the local, state, national and international scenes. In addition, our school reporters cover sporting events, social happenings, fashion, and technology updates. Along with our reporters, photographers enhance our paper will many visual presentations. Our objective is to inform, interpret and entertain.

SPARC (After-School SPIRIT)

SPIRIT is a 30-week after-school social, recreational program designed for students with special needs. Programs meet for one hour immediately after school dismissal. Specialists develop lesson plans for all activities, choosing instruction and components to assist students in developing appropriate personal skills; goals vary based on the functional and social abilities of student groups. Students will be given time for unstructured mingling when appropriate and engage in goal-oriented activities. Topics of exploration include friendship skills, self-esteem, self-awareness, leadership skills, decision making, independence, community living skills, and techniques for dealing with socially challenging situations. 

Student Council – Mr. Chertok & Ms. Logan

Student Council seeks to promote school spirit in the Middle School, as well as to enforce positive connections within the community. This club is comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who will assist in developing a productive and encouraging school climate. Weekly meetings are held, along with fundraising, spirit week, and various school activities (i.e., dances, activity nights, holiday & athletic activities). 

Student Leadership Club – Mr. Chertok & Ms. Logan

The Student Leadership Club is Eastchester Middle School’s service learning after school program that involves students in community and school based projects that lay the foundation for a life-long commitment to community service. Students involved in this program learn leadership skills, civic responsibility, and commitment to their school and community. Activities and projects focus on developing each student’s leadership and decision-making skills. Activities center on helping others and building school spirit.

Technology Club – Mr. Boissonnault

The goal of the New EMS Technology Club is to increase student understanding of modern technology through discussion groups, demonstrations, and hands on experiences. Membership is open to all students in grades 6-8 who are interested in working on experiments and projects.

Washington Club – Mr. Boissonnault

8th grade students are involved in the scheduling and the day-to-day planning of the Washington overnight field trip. Students will work with Mr. Boissonnault and the tour company to arrange touring schedules and student events during the trip. Students will also be involved in fund-raising and the designing of the official Washington tee shirt.

Yearbook – Mrs. Lalli & Mrs. Shay

The Yearbook Staff is responsible for putting together the entire yearbook. Every picture used for the candid photos and for the collages are taken by students. The whole staff then selects the layouts, pictures used, the dedication page, and "8th grade favorites" choices. They then create the yearbook page by page. Possible covers are created by our talented 8th graders, with the assistance of our art teachers and then the final selection is voted on by the staff

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