Middle School Information

General Information: Mission Statement

Eastchester Middle School is committed to providing
a rigorous academic program within a safe,
supportive, and understanding learning community.


Our aim is to guide students effectively toward becoming responsible, competent, and respectful young adults with a sense of enthusiasm and purpose.

We believe that all students:

  • Deserve a positive, safe, nurturing, and supportive learning environment
  • Can be motivated to learn, lead, and excel
  • Benefit from a challenging academic program and are enriched by extracurricular activities
  • Learn in different ways and at different times
  • Possess unique gifts
  • Have far-reaching potential to learn and grow
  • Thrive with personal attention and recognition
  • Benefit from collaboration between parents, staff, and themselves
  • Deserve an education that promotes a healthy lifestyle


We see our students as individuals who are willing to take chances and challenge themselves in order to become valued members and leaders of their community.

We want our children to:
  • Set high standards
  • Take risks, become well-rounded, and explore new opportunities
  • Establish a prideful work ethic and exercise strong time management skills
  • Develop personal responsibility, a love of learning, and problem-solving strategies
  • Appreciate the connections between rules, rights, and responsibilities
  • Practice civility, tolerance, and respect
  • Understand and respect boundaries
  • Engage in healthy, meaningful social relationships
  • Develop meaningful connections to their community



We seek to create a community that is nurturing and challenging, where students are guided in taking risks within a supportive, forgiving climate.

Our school will:
  • Create a safe and secure environment where all students can learn
  • Inspire high student achievement that exceeds state learning standards
  • Provide instruction that allows each child to excel as an individual
  • Encourage students to be self-motivated and constantly strive to reach their full potential
  • Recognize the diverse qualities that make each child unique
  • Strive to provide opportunities for students to grow socially and emotionally
  • Reinforce civic responsibility and promote leadership through character education
  • Foster collaborative relationships among the family, school, and community
  • Exemplify a commitment to lifelong learning

General Information