Summer Mailings

June, 2017

Dear Incoming 7th Graders,

We hope that you have an enjoyable and relaxing summer! At the same time, we don’t want to see you forget all of the skills you have worked so hard on during 6th grade. To keep your skills sharp, we are requiring you to read two novels this summer and complete a few tasks.

All 7th Graders MUST read two grade-level appropriate novels. At least one of your book selections should come from the suggested book list. The book of your choice CANNOT be a book with a film version. Please also watch or be familiar with the movie Finding Nemo as this will be common reference points in our instruction.

Throughout the course of the year we will be exploring the theme of transformation on top of our exploration of the structures of stories and how authors transform traditional structures. This theme will be a reoccurring topic in both our class discussions and writing for each unit we study.


  • Book Cover: Complete the book cover worksheet in this packet.
    • Print out or draw the cover of the book
    • Record title and author
    • Record first line(s) [1-2 sentences] of each book
  • Descriptive Passage: Complete the worksheet in this packet.
    • Re-type or photocopy the most descriptive passage from ONE of the books → Choose a paragraph with the best description of something that draws you in, peaks your interest, or makes you think.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the 7th grade ELA teachers. Have a great summer!

Mrs. DeMarco -

Mr. O’Connor - PO’

Ms. Lieto -